Fighting Smartphone Addiction: Try Minimalism on Social Media

Professor Cal Newport, an American researcher specializing in computer sciences, is a strong believer in single-Social Media, Social, Network, Zeitgeisttasking. He argues for immersing yourself in Deep Work so that you will not get distracted. Now he wants to tackle one of the greatest distractors of our time: smartphone addiction. Smartphone Addiction is like taking some anabolic supplements cause you always do what you always want to do. You can just simply find it here at Because – ping – a notification and we grab our device. In this article, we explain Newport’s vision. Read how you can finally make that digital detox succeed:

What is Digital Minimalism According to Newport?

In his book “Digital Minimalism” Newport argues for using your smartphone, well, smarter. He is not against using it but encourages you to consciously deal with all the information that we can collect, anytime, anywhere. He states that technology is not good or bad, but that smartphone addiction can arise when you handle the technology badly. So looking in the mirror is the first message.

A daily dose of smartphone = as bad as cigarettes
You read that right, Newport compares a smartphone addiction to a drug or alcohol addiction. You are often not aware of your smartphone usage. Tools and apps develop special features that make you addicted. There are the red notification badges that lure you to the app, the ‘loading’ of the timeline that generates a kind of hormone, the suggestion of people you have to follow to stay online … Just like the nicotine in cigarettes you keep craving for your smartphone, which also causes stress.

The red notifications on a smartphone make a smartphone addiction worse. – The Focus Academy
In addition, with this metaphor, the professor refers to the need for regularization. We think a 13-year-old with a smartphone is normal. A 13-year-old with a cigarette makes us angry because we know it is harmful. In his interview with GQ, he suggests dealing with these two scenes in the same way. Because staring at a blue screen every day has consequences for our brains.

Rehab from a smartphone addiction: bite teeth for 30 days
Newport’s first tip to get rid of is immediately the hardest part: don’t log in to social media for 30 days to check your comments, likes, DMs and views.

“Stop with” optional technologies “, the one that can ignore you without harming your personal or professional life”

From anti-social online scrolling to social meetings
Still not convinced of the minimal use because you fear FOMO? Fomo-waddle? Fear Of Missing Out means being afraid that you will miss an important event or be excluded because you have not seen anything on social media.

A simple solution for this is to invest more time in meeting face to face with friends and family. Believe us, the satisfaction is a lot bigger than trying to hold a conversation via Whatsapp, iMessage or Snapchat. Immediate response to replace those eternal blue checkmarks? Real emotions instead of emojis? We know it.

With a smartphone addiction, fewer and fewer people are talking face to face. – The Focus Academy
Afraid to miss the breaking news? Friends who are engaged, your favorite band in the country or newsworthy facts via social media? According to Newport, 20 minutes on Sunday morning are enough to get 99% of the real value from Facebook, distractions are not taken into account. In addition, half an hour online is more than enough if you already connect enough in real life with friends and family.

“20 minutes on Sunday morning are enough to get 99% of the real value from Facebook”.

And not only contact with others is important to get out of the vicious circle of smartphone addiction. Turning inward – or meditation – is also an important way to kick the habit. You learn to be with yourself, without distractions. Getting to know yourself better can be quite intense, worth it.