• Comprehensive media information on StorHy issued at the occasion of the Final Event (Download press release)



A. StorHy Overview Posters

  • StorHy Project Information (IP-P1)
  • StorHy Highlights (IP-P2)

B. SP Users - Posters

  • Why Hydrogen? Short Comparison between Hydrogen and Conventional Fuels (Users-P1)
  • StorHy Targets 2010 (Users-P2)
  • Acceptance Study of Pressure Hydrogen (Users-P3)
  • Vehicle Concepts Today - Tomorrow (Users-P4)

C. SP Pressure Vessel - Posters

  • High Pressure Storage Overview (Pressure-P1)
  • Metallic Liner Hydroforming (Pressure-P2)
  • Hydrogen Compatibility of Materials (Pressure-P3)
  • Winding Technologies for Pressure Vessel Manufacturing (Pressure-P4)
  • Manufacturing of Type IV Tanks (Pressure-P5)
  • Modular System Pressure Vessel Technology (Pressure-P6)
  • Composite Cylinder Instrumentation for On-board Monitoring (Pressure-P7)
  • Fast Filling of High Pressure Storage Systems (Pressure-P8)
  • Recycling of Carbon Fibre Composites from Hydrogen Storage Vessels (Pressure-P9)
  • Vehicle Recyclability and LCA of the Carbon Fibre Recycling Processes (Pressure-P10)
  • 700 bar Hydrogen Storage System as Removable Rack (Pressure-P11)

D. SP Pressure - Fact Sheets

E. SP Cryogenic Storage - Posters

  • Cryogenic Storage Overview (Cryo-P1)
  • Materials and Technologies for Cryogenic Storage (Cryo-P2)
  • Design Requirements for Cryogenic Storage (Cryo-P3)
  • Prototypes and Tests of Cryogenic Storage Systems (Cryo-P4)
  • Cryogenic Storage Safety Analyses (Cryo-P5)

F. SP Cryogenic Storage - Fact Sheets

G. SP Solid Storage - Posters

  • Solid Storage Overview (Solid-P1)
  • Solid Storage Safety Studies (Solid-P2)
  • Modelling and Optimisation of Hydrogen Solid Storage Systems (Solid-P3)
  • Upscaling and Tank Design (Solid-P4)
  • Development of Solid State Materials for Hydrogen Storage (Solid-P5)

H. SP Solid Storage - Fact Sheets

I. SP SAR - Posters

  • Safety Assessments and Requirements - Overview (SAR-P1)
  • Benchmarking of Hydraulic Cycling Facilities by Interlaboratory Tests (SAR-P2)
  • Modular Fire Engulfment Test (SAR-P3)
  • Crash-related Strength of Hydrogen Containments (SAR-P4)
  • Probabilistic Assessment of Containments: an Alternative Approval Approach (SAR-P5)
  • Evaluation of Composite Cylinders Using Acoustic Emission (SAR-P6)
  • Analytical Stress Simulation in Hybrid Cylinders (SAR-P7)
  • Creep Test (Static Fatigue) of Composite for High Pressure Vessels (SAR-P8)
  • Assessing Different Automotive Technologies for Hydrogen Detection (SAR-P9)

J. SP Evaluation - Posters