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EUROCOURSE: StorHy Train-IN: Hydrogen Storage for Automotive Applications

From September 25th-29th, 2006 the StorHy Consortium offered a one week full time training course covering the whole spectrum of hydrogen storage technologies with a focus on automotive applications. The course was held at the University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt and organized by StorHy partner Prochain.The course combined theoretical lectures and practical experience. More than 70 participants from 20 countries (EU, Japan, Turkey, Romania) attended, among them students, PhD students, scientists, researchers and company representatives.

Participants of EUROCOURSE StorHy Train-IN 2006 (download picture fullsize)

The state-of-the-art of hydrogen storage was presented in 25 lectures. At the beginning, StorHy experts introduced the participants to the three technologies of hydrogen storage (compressed gas, cryogenic liquid and solid materials) in theoretical lectures. In addition, project-external speakers from companies and research institutes specialized on hydrogen technologies were invited to share their expertise and their views on the perspectives of hydrogen as fuel of the future. In further lectures, automotive requirements on hydrogen storage vessels as well as safety aspects were addressed.

Special emphasis was placed on the results and findings of the StorHy research. In guided tours, the new hydrogen tank systems developed in the StorHy project were explained to the participants.

Further activities included practical experiments to demonstrate the properties of gases and cryogenic liquids. To increase the understanding of the implications of a future hydrogen economy, the participants were invited to an excursion to the brandnew LINDE Hydrogen Refuelling Station near Munich. Moreover, BMW allowed a first look at the new BMW Hydrogen 7 and most participants jumped at the possibility to enjoy a test ride with the DaimlerChrysler F-Cell vehicle.

Towards the end of the Eurocourse, the participants were offered the opportunity to use their newly acquired knowledge of hydrogen to develop their own visions of a future hydrogen economy with H2-driven cars in a workshop. The week was concluded by a panel discussion and an expert outlook on worldwide hydrogen activities.

The StorHy Train-In was generally well received and gave the participants the chance to deepen their experience with and exposure to hydrogen and get an overview of state-of-the-art storage technologies and research in this area.

For everyone interested, the lecture handouts and presentation slides are available for download.

Lecture handouts and presentations

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EUROCOURSE: StorHy Train-IN, Sept 25th-29th 2006
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