Hydrogen Storage Systems for Automotive Applications H2 EU IP 6th Framework

1. StorHy Second Annual Report, 2006:

Publishable Executive Summary

2. StorHy Third Annual Report, 2007:

Publishable Executive Summary

2. StorHy Fourth Annual Report, 2008:

Publishable Executive Summary

2. StorHy Final Publishable Activity Report:

Final Publishable Activity Report



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StorHy Final Event

See StorHy Final Event and Presentations


Other Publications

1. 'CEC/ICMC (Cryogenic Engineering Conference / International Cryogenic Materials Conference), Sept. 22-26, 2003, Anchorage/USA:

Paper 'Development of automotive liquid hydrogen storage systems' by MAGNA STEYR

2. 'The International German Hydrogen Energy Congress 2004, Feb. 11-12, 2004, Essen/ Germany:

Paper 'Automotive Production of Liquid Hydrogen Storage Systems' by MAGNA STEYR

3. 'Communicating European Research, May 11-12, 2004, Brussels/Belgium:

Official presentation of StorHy

4. 'IPHE International Conference on Hydrogen Storage', June 20-22, 2005, Lucca/Italy':

StorHy On-Board Storage Targets, presented by Air Liquide

5. 'International Conference on Hydrogen Safety', Sept. 8-10, 2005, Pisa/Italy:

Hydrogen Onboard Storage - An Insertion of the Probabilistic Approach into Standards and Regulations, presented by BAM

6. Verbundwerkstoffe 15. Symposium, April 6-8, 2005, Kassel/Germany:

Paper 'Steigerung der Effizienz des duroplastischen Wickelprozesses (Increased efficiency of thermoset winding)' by IVW (German only!)

7. Filament Winding, Oct. 12-14, 2005, Brussels/Belgium:

'Filament winding with increased efficiency', presented by IVW

8. JEC Composites Show, March 28-30, 2006, Paris/France:

Poster 'Filament winding with increased efficiency
Ring winding head - multiple payout device
by IVW

9. SP SAR input on probabilistic approach for EU dissemination brochure:

'The most important safety-related result within StorHy: need for a probabilistic approach' by BAM

10. European NDT Conference, Sept. 25-29, 2006, Berlin / Germany:

'Manufacturing quality control of high pressure composite cylinders by acoustic emission', presented by BAM

11. Publication in German journal 'TECHNISCHE ÜBERWACHUNG', Vol. 48 (2007) No. 3 - March

Paper 'Ansatz zur modularen Prüfung des Verhaltens von Composite-Flaschen und thermisch aktivierten Druckentlastungseinrichtungen im Brandfall (Modular bonfire testing of TPRDs and storage containments)' by BAM (German only!)

Source: 'TECHNISCHE ÜBERWACHUNG', Vol. 48 (2007) No.3 - March,

12. StorHy Annual Meeting 2007, Feb. 27-28, Berlin / Germany - Scientific session on probabilistic approach:

'Potentials and procedures of the probabilistic approach', presented by BAM

'Perspectives of probabilistic approach on hydrogen storage systems on vehicle level', presented by MAGNA STEYR

13. Poster on filament winding technology with ring winding head:

Poster 'Filament winding with increased efficiency: ring winding head - multiple payout device' by IVW

14. StorHy Progress Report at the HFP Review Days, Oct. 11, 2007, Brussels:

'StorHy Progress HFP Review Days 2007'

15. StorHy Progress Poster for EUCAR 2007:

StorHy EUCAR Project Poster 2007

StorHy Final Event, June 3-4, 2008, Paris
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