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StorHy Final Event

StorHy Final Event Program and Presentations

StorHy Train-IN

From September 25th-29th, 2006 the StorHy Consortium offered a one week full time training course covering the whole spectrum of hydrogen storage technologies with a focus on automotive applications. The course was held at the University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt and organized by StorHy partner Prochain.The course combined theoretical lectures and practical experience. More than 70 participants from 20 countries (EU, Japan, Turkey, Romania) attended, among them students, PhD students, scientists, researchers and company representatives.

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Lecture Handouts

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# Session Presentation
0   Welcome Notes
1 1.2 European Position towards Hydrogen Economy, Dr. U. Schmidtchen
2 1.2 Hydrogen Perspectives in the USA,
Karen Hall
3 1.3 The Technological Steps of Hydrogen Introduction,
Dr. J. Töpler
4 1.3 EU Funded R&D Activities on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells,
J. Martin Bermejo
5 1.4 Requirements and State-of-the-art for Automotive Pressure and Solid Hydrogen Storage,
Dr. J. Zieger
6 1.4 Design Aspects of Pressurized Hydrogen Storage Systems,
Dr. R. Krueger
7 1.4 Automotive Design Aspects and Requirements,
J.-F. Ranjard
8 1.4 Requirements and Design Aspects for Automotive Liquid Hydrogen Storage,
M. Stoecklin
9 1.4 Well-to-Wheel Analysis,
Dr. J. Wind
10 2.1 Practical H2 Experience,
J. Reijerkerk
10.b 2.1 EG Sicherheitsdatenblatt H2 flüssig,
J. Reijerkerk
10.c 2.1 EG Sicherheitsdatenblatt H2 vedichtet J. Reijerkerk
10.d 2.1 Produktdatenblatt CGH2,
J. Reijerkerk
10.e 2.1 Produktdatenblatt LH2,
J. Reijerkerk
10.f 2.1 Sicherheitshinweise CGH2,
J. Reijerkerk
10.g 2.1 Sicherheitshinweise LH2,
J. Reijerkerk
10.e 2.1 Lecture Notes
11 2.2 Practical H2 Experience (Hyracer, H-Racer)
Prof. Dr. J. Wellnitz, U.Burger, S. Lorenz
12 2.3 Pressure Storage Systems I,
Dr. S. Rau, J.S. Colom
13 2.4 Pressure Storage Systems II,
Dr. S. Rau, J.S. Colom
14 3.1 Cryo Storage System I,
M. Bauer
15 3.1 Cryo Storage System I,
Dr. G. Bartlok
16 3.2 Cryo Storage System II,
Dr. G. Bartlok
17 3.3 Public Acceptance of Pressure Hydrogen Applications in Transportation,
Dr. H. Schnieder
18 4.1 Solid Storage Systems I,
P. Mauron
19 4.2 Solid Storage Systems II,
Dr. M. Fichtner
20 4.2 Solid Storage Systems II,
Dr. N. Eigen
21 4.3 General Aspects of Hydrogen Safety in Vehicles,
J. Ortenburger
22 4.3 Hydrogen Sensors for On-Board Diagnostics,
Dr. P. Castello
23 4.3 Safety Aspects of Storage Cylinders and their Consequences on Regulations,
P. Novak
24 4.4 Vision H2-Workshop: How to Design Hydrogen Storage Systems for Future Hydrogen Vehicles,
Dr. C. Rüegg, M. Fuchs, S. Lorenz
24b 4.4 Vision H2-Workshop, Results
25 5.2 Comparison of World-Wide H2 Activities and Perspectives,
R. Wurster
26   StorHy Project Information  
27   Panel-Discussion Statements VStrubel
    Folder-Cover (outside)
    Folder-Cover and Index (inside)
    Folder (backside)
    Poster 1 - Pressure type IV manufacturing
    Poster 2 - Pressure material compability
    Poster 3 - Pressure Recycling
    Poster 4 - Cryo
    Poster 5 - Cryo assembly sequence
    Poster 6 - Cryo tank system



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