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Pressure Vessel

The SP Pressure Vessel examines the fabrication of lightweight compressed gas (CGH2) vessels at 700 bar, which shall meet specifications given by car manufacturers in terms of operating conditions (-40 to +85°C) and energy density or fractional mass of H2 in the tank (6%).

Pressure VesselThese vessels of type III or IV consist of a metal or polymer liner with appropiate bosses and valve connections, in a fiber reinforced composite structure. The vessel should also be compatible with fast filling processes in an H2 fueling station (7kg of H2 in 4 min), and should integrate sensors for safety and on-board monitoring.
Eventually the composite material should be recyclable to meet the End-of Life Vehicle Directive 2000/53EC. The vessels should also comply with ISO TC197 norms and safety requirements of EIHPII.
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