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SP Solid Storage will focus its research on new complex hydrides, in particular so-called alanates, as they are the most promising solid materials for hydrogen storage with reference to their high weight content of hydrogen and relatively low dissociation temperatures. On the material development side, the following points are addressed:

Solid Storage(a) improve the kinetics of alanates, with a focus on NaAlH4, which is already known as a reversible working alanate system. A new type of nanoscale catalyst will be developed and doping with mechanical synthesis will be improved in that respect.
(b) Magnesium alanate is one of the very few storage materials with the potential of overcoming the so-called "commercialisation barrier" of 6 wt.%, however it has not been investigated yet for reversible hydrogen storage.
The R&D activities will also consider process/production, up-scaling and optimisation of the selected material. Lab-scale and pilot tanks will be produced and tested with a view to evaluating alanate-based storage systems for mobile applications.
Although the primary target of the project is the automobile industry, emphasis will also be placed on paving the way for important spin-off applications in stationary power generation systems including buffers for renewable energy systems.
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