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Safety Assessment & Requirements (SAR)

The hydrogen storage systems developed in this IP have to be particularly safe. In coordination with other European projects focusing on hydrogen safety (e. g. HYSAFE), the SP SAR will address the safety issues within the IP StorHy. The long-term goal of SP SAR is the development of a quantitative risk assessment tool and a detailed study of several special safety aspects of the new hydrogen storage technology. This will be used for evaluation of the safety level of new storage technologies for automotive applications.

A step-by-step approach is planned:
  • Critical input data collection from literature and special tests performed by the partners. The focus will be on statistical material properties, typical load distributions, pressure-relief devices, sensors, accident typologies, interaction crash behaviour of storage receptacles and chassis, and on existing European, Japanese and US regulations.
  • Development of theoretical models devoted to the prediction of the long-term performance and reliability of storage systems, including sensors and pressure-relief devices. Use of finite element tools to analyse the tanks' crash behaviour in a full-vehicle crash. The optimal survival configuration will be identified as a function of the most probable crash scenarios.
  • Experimental testing of prototype storage systems to assess their safety.
  • Establishment of novel quality and safety procedures for the manufacturing of fail-safe sensors and surveillance electronics.
  • Combination of the information gained from all these activities and use of a risk-based approach to evaluate the safety level of new H2 storage systems.
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