Hydrogen Storage Systems for Automotive Applications H2 EU IP 6th Framework
Pressure Vessel
Cryogenic Storage
Solid Storage
Safety Assessment

The objective of the SP Evaluation is to assess the different technologies that result from the StorHy Project in a harmonized way based on common tools and assessment strategies that could be useful for decision makers and stakeholders in the hydrogen field.

The evaluation will classify the different technologies by taking into account different viewpoints, which constitute a global approach to sustainable development: technical, environmental, economic and social aspects as well as industrial/technological risks.
The results of SP Evaluation will be compared against the set targets of StorHy as well as with the state-of-the-art of the new generation of storage systems developed on an international level. Evidently, the outcome of this horizontal effort will comprise one of the most important final deliverables of StorHy as it will put the different options into a common perspective and will suggest future directions for the market application of the new storage systems. The evaluation data will also be used as inputs for the strategic analysis conducted in the Integrated Project Hyways on the entire hydrogen economy.
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