Hydrogen Storage Systems for Automotive Applications H2 EU IP 6th Framework

The StorHy consortium will carry out concrete R&D work covering the whole spectrum of hydrogen storage technologies (compressed gas, cryogenic liquid and solid materials) with a focus on automotive applications, an issue of utmost importance for the future of the European industry as a whole.

Hydrogen storage is a key enabling technology for the extensive use of H2 as an energy carrier. As none of the current technologies satisfies all of the H2 storage attributes sought by manufacturers and end users, the state-of-the-art calls for efforts that should focus on improving existing commercial technologies (compressed gas & liquid hydrogen) and exploring the higher risk technologies involving advanced solid materials. Providing economically and environmentally attractive solutions for these three storage options for transport applications and reinforcing the competitiveness of the European car industry are indeed the main objectives of StorHy.

The Integrated Project StorHy is a European initiative on automobile H2 storage driven by major European car manufacturers and covers the full spectrum of currently qualified technologies. Although the primary target of StorHy is the automotive industry, the preparation of spin-offs for stationary systems is also considered. In order to optimise resources, such activities will be coupled to other related EC projects.


A large scale R&D effort with the strong participation of the European car industry, suppliers as well as research and testing organisations is necessary to develop sustainable on-board storage solutions. Thus the StorHy consortium includes:

  • European automotive industrial companies
  • leading European hydrogen suppliers
  • European S&T excellence (including research institutes and universities)
  • European standardisation and certification bodies.
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StorHy Final Event, June 3-4, 2008, Paris
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