Quick Overview of What a Fleet Management Software Can do For a Towing Business

The challenges of operating a towing business are one too many ever since the industry was shaken by the bad reputation cast by predatory operators. While tow truck operators have made their services available 24/7, but round the clock operations of doing whatever is necessary to get a vehicle back on the road or be hauled away if called for by the situation, are no mean feats.

They require special skills, tools and and resource management in order to be productive and at the same time cost-efficient for the business to be profitable. Fortunately, aside from the advent of GPS tracking devices, tech innovators developed fleet management software that provides helpful solutions.

The best fleet management software for towing operations are those that integrate real-time information into the systems. That way, a single information entered in relation to all towing and recovery operations will instantly and automatically update systems for dispatching, billing and accounting for payroll, fuel and truck maintenance costs.

It’s also important that the software can be customized according to a towing company’s need and goals of improving customer satisfaction, which of course equates to having a better cash flow, a condition that greatly reduces a major stress factor of a towing business.

However, if the cost of installing a fleet management software is something that is not affordable at the moment, consider those that offer software-as-a-service (SaaS) online. Actually, nearly all types of business management software are now available, and better known in the computing world as Anything- or Everything-as-a Service (XaaS) solution.

In most cases, they come in modular formats, which means a subscriber for the service can utilize only the programs, features and applications deemed as helpful at the moment. They can later subscribe for other modules when looking to further improve their automated fleet management capabilities.

Some Examples of What Fleet Management Software Solutions Can Do

Advanced communication and tracking tools that give the towing service manager and/or dispatch center complete visibility in managing, sorting, assigning towing jobs.

Use real-time data by way of a centralized tow truck dispatch system in assigning or dispatching truck drivers and towing equipment. The real time on-screen data data can likewise be used in generating billing statements and invoices; or in requesting order confirmations.

Towing companies that provide heavy duty towing services tend to incur additional and unusual costs that managers need to track on the fly so they can bill the right amount.

All things considered, a fleet management software can help dispatchers and managers to stay organized using a single unified dispatch screen, especially multiple services are rendered or additional pieces of equipment have been deployed. In being able to see all financial information, what are coming in and what has been gong out makes the process of managing a fleet of trucks that provide light, medium or heavy duty towing services.