A Close Look at PDF Tools with Excel to PDF Conversion Function

When looking for a PDF tool to use in converting Excel to PDF, it would be best to choose one that includes advanced features for enhancing document protection. After all, converting spreadsheets into PDF is one of the latest technological developments in use in managing important files.

PDF innovator Adobe Acrobat actually provides a tool for transforming Excel files into PDFs. Those who do not have Adobe Acrobat Office software can use the online Adobe Office Pro Document Cloud (DC). This online PDF tool can seamlessly rework any Microsoft worksheet into becoming a protected document, which users can simply download and/or share as PDF Excel.

Another reliable Excel to PDF tool we took notice of is the WPS Office. Advanced features for improving the protection of PDF documents, which users can access through the Permission Settings, not only to view to the PDF Excel but also to perform the following specific operations:

  • Allow modification;
  • Allow annotate
  • Allow copy; Allow unrestricted printing
  • Forbid printing;
  • Permit only low quality printing

Reasons Why It Is Advisable to Convert Excel Files into PDF

Spreadsheets are a popular choice to use in creating documents. Converting spreadsheets, even if containing hundreds of data, requires only a few seconds to convert into PDF files.

It’s important for spreadsheet users to make sure their inputs are protected, especially if formulas are in use. Anyone familiar with Microsoft Excel knows that editing or deleting a single character of a formula input can alter a spreadsheet summary.

1. A PDF tool adds protection by allowing a user to encrypt a password specifically for the converted PDF spreadsheet. A user has to designate the persons authorized to access and/or granted privilege to edit the documents as well.

2. Generally, a password-protected PDF tool generates and displays a dialogue box as a means for authorized users to open requested files.

3. Limiting access to a spreadsheet report keeps document information secure. Even if a user grants permission to view, or shares a PDF Excel to collaborators, documents cannot be easily edited unless specifically permitted. Limiting permission to edit documents ensures the protection of the formulas incorporated in the spreadsheet.

4. A PDF spreadsheet retains the same high quality as the original pre-converted document, even if viewed via a device without a PDF software or mobile app.
Users authorized to manage and access PDF spreadsheet reports can retrieve the protected documents anytime and anywhere. The documents are compatible with all types of operating systems and accessible in all browser platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or MS Edge.

5. A PDF Excel is a stand-alone document by nature. This denotes several documents that can be consolidated to effectively present business records in a professional but simple way. The PDF will appear as regular-looking reports to avoid confusing bosses, investors, clients or co-workers.