Understand Technologies And Use Them Strategically

There are plenty of tools, API interfaces, and technologies that influence corporate strategy. Brands have to face these developments and, in addition to the changed communication behavior, also have technological progress on their screens.

Strategists and technology experts: Two groups in companies

The problem here is that there are often different perspectives and ways of thinking and employees slow each other down. It is not possible without technological understanding, but also not without the strategy that justifies the use of the technology.

A good example is social media monitoring systems such as tiktok followers. The tools are becoming more and more powerful, complex and provide companies with a variety of data. Brands need to know what to do with the data and how to feed it into the social media strategy. Only a fraction of the existing data is efficiently used and evaluated. On the one hand, this results from a lack of understanding of the tool and, on the other hand, from the problem of understanding the data and using it to improve other areas of the company.

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Technology is ahead of companies

Technology offers opportunities that many employees are overwhelmed with. A monitoring tool can be as good as it wants to be. But if the results are not properly interpreted, the organization will only get a fraction of what it could be used for.

The same applies to Facebook applications. Facebook offers many possibilities, but companies and agencies do not yet know how to use these possibilities. This is not a technical problem, although many brands lack knowledge, but a strategic problem. In most cases, pure basic functions are used and the opportunities of the platform are far from being exhausted.

Social media strategies and technological implementation

Brands must not overwhelm their users but must rethink the design of campaigns. Social media strategies must be long-term oriented. The technological implementation takes place in line with the strategy. Brands can only exploit their full potential if both components are in harmony.

Communication is crucial. Boring content doesn’t work, and neither do boring campaigns. The possibilities are more diverse than ever and even if companies are better positioned, there is still a lot of room for improvement strategically and technically.