What Can New Technologies Bring To Managing Garden?

Thanks to increasingly abundant new technologies, the garden now becomes more advanced. Connected objects facilitate maintenance work while helping gardeners to better manage green spaces so that they consume less time and resources. With fence panels suitable for existing concrete posts technology, you will not only make your garden beautiful but protect your plants from wild animals.

fence panels suitable for existing concrete posts

New technologies bring to managing garden beside fence panels

Smart irrigation systems

In garden maintenance, watering is one of the most demanding tasks. It must be done regularly to preserve the good health of the plants. In addition, watering is very water-intensive. Faced with these problems, manufacturers have thought about intelligent irrigation systems.

Thanks to these connected devices, it is possible to program the irrigation of green spaces remotely via a tablet or smartphone. The latter also provides meteorological data to better manage garden watering. It should be noted that these intelligent watering solutions are very popular in hotel gardens, parks, sports fields, or tourist complexes and not only in private homes.

Smart flower pots

For those who do not have a green thumb, but who nevertheless wish to have a few plants at home, there is the solution: the connected flowerpot. This product appeared following the growing success of connected objects. 100% innovative, it is equipped with several sensors capable of analyzing conditions in real-time. Thus, the flower pot is able to determine the humidity in the air and in the earth, the ambient temperature, the amount of sunshine, and other parameters. All the information collected is then transmitted to the gardener’s smartphone so that the latter can carry out the necessary actions.

Remote control of garden devices

The brands are not lacking in imagination to simplify the work of gardeners. They have created a remote control system that can control all the devices used in the garden ranging from lights, filters, and pumps. You can water the garden, regulate filtration systems or dim the lights with just a few clicks.

The connected mower

Another innovation to facilitate garden maintenance is the connected mower. Thanks to this technology, you no longer have to mow the lawn yourself. Your smart mower takes care of everything. It mows your lawn on its own and you can determine its path via your smartphone or tablet. It is even possible to program the time at which the machine will operate to avoid disturbing the neighborhood. In addition, you will be able to determine the scope of use.