OpenAI’s Sora Facing Intensive Review from Italy’s Data Protection Regulators

OpenAI, a San Francisco-based American research firm, is again facing review by Italy’s data protection authorities in connection with its new video creation tool. The Garante Per La Protezione Dei d\Dati Personali protector’s primary concern is to determine how the AI technology is processing people’s personal data in the use of Sora, a video creation system recently deployed by OpenAI.

artificial intelligence technologyOpenAI has been given 20 days to submit information about the Sora Artificial Intelligence service, as it enables users to quickly produce videos that can last up to a minute long.
The Italian regulator deems it necessary to carefully scrutinise the Sora AI service, given the possible risks posed by the system on the processing of personal data of Italian users and those in other EU countries.

OpenAI is No Stranger to Italy’s Strict Regulatory Stance Over AI Systems

Actually, this is the second time OpenAI faced intensive scrutiny from Italy’s data protection watchdog. The first was initiated in connection with OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, which resulted in the temporary ban of the AI-supported language translation tool.

xhatbot communicationThe Italian regulator’s decision to suspend ChatGPT and other AI-supported tools, was based on concerns over the possible violation of users’ privacy. The concern is over the large amounts of data that the AI accesses and processes in order to generate texts in different languages.

Nevertheless, OpenAi’s ChatGPT was able to relaunch in the same year after making changes that Italian regulators deemed as conforming to the country’s data privacy policies and regulations.